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What is a Battery Life Forecast?

AMPY+ uses a proprietary algorithm that tracks your smartphone usage habits and creates a Battery Life Forecast that predicts when your phone will run out of power each day.

What are JOULES?

A joule is a unit of energy, and the number of JOULES you earn in AMPY+ is based on the number of calories you burn. The more you move, the more calories you burn, the more joules you earn.

How does AMPY+ track my fitness?

AMPY+ integrates with Apple Health Kit on iPhone and Google Fit on Android. AMPY+ uses the data from your phone or fitness tracker to estimate the number of calories you have burned.

Why does AMPY+ need my location?

AMPY+ uses your location to improve your Battery Life Forecast. However, AMPY+ can still function without location access. If your battery is draining quickly or you would like to turn off location permissions, you can go to Settings > AMPY+ > Location and select Never.

I have a fitness tracker. How do I connect it to AMPY+?

Open the native app for your fitness tracker, go to settings, and make sure it is writing data to Health Kit. You can also open up the Health app, go to Sources, select your fitness tracker's app, and enable writing of data. If you have a Pebble watch, you can download the Misfit app to connect it to Health Kit. If you have a Fitbit, checkout Sync Solver to sync your Fitbit data to HealthKit.

AMPY+ is not tracking my activity. How do I fix this.

On iPhones, AMPY+ needs access to Health Kit and your Motion and Fitness to track your activity. Go to Settings > Privacy > Motion and Fitness and enable Fitness Tracking and access for Health and AMPY+. Then, go to the Health app > Sources > AMPY+ and enable access for Steps. On Android phones, AMPY+ needs access to your Google Fit data. Ensure that Google Fit is installed, then open AMPY+ and grant access to your account. You may need to check your Account Sync settings to ensure Google Fit data is being synced.

I moved a lot today but did not generate very much energy. Why not?

In order to have your movement recorded, you must carry your phone or a fitness tracker with you as you move. The amount of battery life generated depends both on how much you move and how you use your phone. If you move a lot on a certain day and also use your phone more than normal, you may generate less battery life that day than when you use your phone less.

My battery life prediction does not seem accurate. Why not?

AMPY+ learns your smartphone usage habits over the course of the first few days. As it learns more, your battery life prediction improves. However, if you do not think the predictions are accurate, you can try closing the app and reopening it.

Does AMPY MOVE communicate with my phone through the AMPY+ app?

The AMPY+ app is a standalone app and does not communicate with your AMPY MOVE. AMPY MOVE does not have bluetooth transmission capabilities. The AMPY+ app is able to gain all of the information it needs from two sources: (1) the sensors in your phone and (2) your input of the number of LEDs that light up on your device.

How do I use the charge timer?

Simply open AMPY+ on your iPhone or Android, plug it into AMPY MOVE, the wall, or any USB outlet, and the app will alert you when you have extended your smartphone's battery life by at least one hour.