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Tips to keep your phone healthy!

Posted by Mike Geier on Nov 12 2015

A phone battery lasts about 400 charges, or two years use. One can notice performance deficiencies even one year after owning their phone. This is frustrating.

Fortunately, as a battery connoisseur (the PhD doesn't hurt), I know a few simple habits to maximize your battery’s lifespan:

1. Keep your phone cool. Avoid leaving your phone in heat or extreme cold, especially when charging.

2. Don’t charge to 100%. Charge your battery only to 80-90%. Charging at the high end is much worse than cycles at the low end. (disclaimer: your phone will not explode from overcharge)

3. Don’t let your battery reach 0%! Batteries have a limited amount of full discharges so charge your battery before it dies.

These tricks will undoubtedly have an impact on your phone’s lifespan, but we know the pains of managing your phone’s battery life. With the help of AMPY+ (our free smartphone app), it’s easy to keep track and know how much battery life you need throughout the day. Of course, having AMPY MOVE helps too!

TL;DR Try keeping your phone between 20% and 80%.


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