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Posted by Ethan Krupp on Oct 2 2015

One of the best parts of working at AMPY means I've had a personal AMPY MOVE for a few weeks. And that the conference room table was turned into a ping pong table. But this is about my AMPY MOVE.

On Monday, I was at a conference at Northwestern's Kellog Business School. Like I was in college again, I sat in the back of the lecture hall and spent too much time on my phone. By the time the conference was over, my phone had 3 hours of battery life left, according to AMPY+ (or around 25%). This Monday night, I was being all 20-something-y and going to a concert in Pilsen.

I'm neighborhood dropping because I'm nowhere cool enough to go to a concert in Pilsen.

Thalia Hall: http://thaliahallchicago.com/


Sitting on the bus to get me out to Thalia Hall, I answered some more emails, read a bad article on Salon, and played 2048, because I'm still addicted far after the game became a fad. My phone was now down to 1 hour of battery life remaining.

I pulled out my AMPY MOVE from my bag. To be honest, I haven't needed it for a few weeks, so it had been collecting and holding charge for that time. Previously it was hovering between 1 and 2 LEDs, but this time it was hovering between 2 and 3, much to my delight! Just by walking around the city I had built up a good amount of charge.

I charged my phone for six minutes, which based on my typical habits, gave me 90 additional minutes of battery life.

Fastforward to the end of the very mediocre show: My phone was almost dead again (15 minutes remaining). I checked Facebook thirty times because the show didn't hold my attention. Therefore, I needed a quick charge to call and Uber and head home. And that's exactly what I did.

My AMPY MOVE now sits back in my bag, charging up for when I need it next

So that's my story! Not remarkable in the least. I know I work for the company so I have to say it, but the convenience of AMPY MOVE and the knowledge that I always have a power source made my Monday night much easier.

Anyone have any other places I can go to feel cooler than I am?


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