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AMPY+, A New Way to Stay Charged

Posted by Stephen Ross on Aug 18 2015

Sure, the AMPY MOVE device is great, but I want to show how crucial our app AMPY+ is to your experience. I've tallied my favorite features of the app:

Battery Life Forecast

The Battery Life Forecast provides you with a personalized dashboard of your smart phone’s battery usage. The stream shows you how many hours you have left on your battery and what days and times you use your phone the most. The app continues to learn, and as your usage pattern changes, it will give you useful insights about when you might run out of juic.


Charge Timer

If you never know if you've charged your phone enough, AMPY+ has your solution. Plug in your phone and launch AMPY+ to know exactly how long to charge for a few more hours of battery life. A timer starts once you begin charging and notifies you when you can unplug.


Battery Generation Numbers

The AMPY MOVE device transforms your motion into power for your phone, but how do you know what those LEDs mean? AMPY+ allows you to enter how many LEDs your AMPY MOVE is showing and gives you an accurate prediction for how many more hours you can use your phone by charging with AMPY.


Compete for Joules and Move up the Leaderboard

By connecting with Healthkit or Google Fit, AMPY+ tracks how many calories you’ve burned, the potential battery life you could have generated with AMPY MOVE, and the number of JOULES you’ve acquired. Use the leaderboard to compete with your Facebook friends and see who has the most JOULES this month!


And most importantly…IT’S FREE.

AMPY+ is free to all iOS and Android users.


We are currently in Beta and by signing up here you will be one of the first people to use AMPY+! Refer your friends and you’ll move up the list to gain access even easier.





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