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5 Quick Tips for AMPY MOVE

Posted by Ethan Krupp on Oct 13 2015

Hi, Internet. We put together a few tips on the best ways to use AMPY MOVE:

1. When you take AMPY MOVE out of the box, hold down the right button and shake up and down. See that blue light? That's clean energy you're generating!

2. Don't deplete your charge! AMPY MOVE comes fully charged, but no need to put it all into your phone immediately. Charge only the amount you need so you preserve the energy for a time you need it most. (AMPY+ helps you know how much to charge, but more on that in a future update.)

In a crazy desperate situation, you can always shake your AMPY MOVE to get more battery life (which means you always have a power source), but charging to get you to the end of your day is the best way to use your device.

3. If you're not generating power as fast as you're using it (not trying to phone shame, but it is possible), you can get a quick charge on your AMPY MOVE by plugging it into the wall with a micro USB cable. Hey, we include one with your device!

4. You don't have to plug in your phone while you're generating energy. Move it. Shake it. Then plug AMPY MOVE in.

5. Orientation matters! Make sure your AMPY MOVE is vertical when in your pocket, armband, bag, etc.

More tips to come!



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