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Connect your AMPY MOVE and phone with NOMAD!

Posted by Brian Gonzalez

Peanut butter and jelly. Thunder and lightning. Peaches and cream. Surf and turf. Salt and pepper. Yin and Yang. Batman and Robin. Milk and Cookies. Wine and Cheese. Bonnie and Clyde… Some things go perfectly together.

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Monthly Motion: How Does AMPY MOVE Work?

Posted by Tejas Shastry

It’s been an exciting few months for us at AMPY. We’ve shipped thousands of AMPY MOVEs all over the world (68 countries and 6 continents!), and we’re thankful for all of our users and their feedback. We just received a handwritten letter from a sixth-grader in Orange Park, Florida telling us how she used AMPY MOVE in her science class to learn how energy works. Another user from Washington, Illinois wrote to tell us she was able to keep her phone charged in order to make important calls to friends and family when a terrible ice storm hit in December and knocked out her power for days. We even heard from an Aussie in the land down under who keeps AMPY MOVE on his Kelpie to keep his device full.

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Tips to keep your phone healthy!

Posted by Mike Geier

A phone battery lasts about 400 charges, or two years use. One can notice performance deficiencies even one year after owning their phone. This is frustrating.

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