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AMPY transforms the energy from your motion and turns it into power for your devices.

Meet the world's smallest wearable motion charger

The AMPY One charges your smartphone and wearables using energy you create from everyday activities.

The more you move, the more power you get.
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Dual Mode Motion Charger

  • Charge from motion Charge from motion


    Create energy from your everyday activities. The more you move, the more power you get.
    Smarter power Smarter power


    Go green. Proprietary inductors convert your motion into electricity and store hours of battery life.

  • AMPY One Motion Charger
  • Charge from outlet Charge from outlet


    Recharge AMPY from an AC wall outlet or any standard USB/micro-USB cord.
    Recharge fast Recharge fast


    AMPY charges your devices just as fast as an AC wall outlet.


AMPY's 1000mAh lithium-polymer battery stores power for any device that charges from USB, micro-USB and Lightning connectors.
How much can I generate?

In one day, active users generate up to*
hours of battery life

Know your power

The AMPY app helps you get the most out of your phone and AMPY.

  • > Track calories burned and energy generated
  • > Compare and share results through Facebook
  • > Manage personal battery life for your phone and AMPY
  • > Get more battery life out of your phone
AMPY captures energy from your motion and turns it into power to charge your USB devices
A full AMPY gives you 18 hours of typical smartphone battery life


Where do I wear AMPY?

Wear AMPY wherever you want! An up and down motion works best to maximize energy production. Use the accessories to strap AMPY below your knee for cycling, on your arm or leg while running, or clipped to waist when you walk. Go ahead and experiment. We’ve seen some pretty creative uses of AMPY to generate power.

What devices can AMPY charge?

AMPY can charge anything that charges from USB 2.0 or USB 3.0. These include micro-USB, Apple Lightning, and other proprietary charging adapters.

Can I plug in my phone and start charging immediately?

AMPY comes pre charged, so you can start charging your phone (or other USB device) right away.


What kind of movements can charge AMPY?

AMPY is great at capturing the energy from walking, running, cycling, and other human motion. The vibrations from a moving car are typically too weak to significantly charge AMPY.

How fast can it recharge my devices?

AMPY charges your devices just as fast as a wall outlet.

Can I put AMPY in my bag or briefcase and still capture energy?

If AMPY is moving with you (or your pet...) then you’re making power.

What is the capacity of the battery inside AMPY?

AMPY contains a 1000 mAh battery, giving you enough juice to get through the day while keeping AMPY light and small.

Is AMPY waterproof?

AMPY is sweatproof, but not submergible.

How can I get AMPY?

You can pre-order AMPY here on our website.

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